Drying technology – Newton’s®

Know How

Newton’s® aim is to be the technical reference adviser to help you to choose the best solution in desiccant drying.

In 2003 Quadrimex group recover briquetting activity and created Newton’s®. In 2005 Newton’s® launched research programm to optimize existing unit  and size new dryer using deliquescent briquettes.

With over 50 customers worldwide, Newton’s® specializes in the optimization of existing drying units and the design of new units in the refinery sector of the gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. Faced with ever-increasing demands for quality, Newton’s® provides their technological expertise throughout their engineering projects – from the design of installations right through to the supply of consumables adapted to each customer’s specific needs – notably by:

  • Auditing existing technology (salt driers, sweetening units, etc.) and proposing customers recommendations for improvements (load plan, distribution, etc)
  • Designing new installations (Process Design Package)
  • supplying support and long-term performance monitoring (follow-up analysis of process data, operating technical assistance, etc)

For more information : Newton’s


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