ISO 9001 Certification

Quadrimex’s services under ISO 9001 certification have just been renewed !

We have 3 ISO 9001 . v2008 certifications :

What is ISO 9001 certification?

ISO 9001 certification is a number of obligatory requirements concerning quality management system.
ISO 9001 requirements :
– Demonstrating an ability to consistently provide a product conforming toboth customer requirements and those of the applicable regulations.
– Increasing customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, and in   particular implementing a continuous improvement process.

4 principal aspects : 
– Management responsability
– Human ressource management
– Product realisation
Measurement, analysis and continuous improvement

It is based on 8 management principles : 
– Customer orientation
– Personal involvement
– Process approach
– System approach to management
– Continous improvement
– Factual approach to decision making
– Mutually beneficial supplier relations

Why it’s important?

Some advantages of ISO 9001  certification for the company : significant increase of customer satisfaction, access new markets, increase market shares and  environmental benefits.

Our certifications :

The certification for Viquem is :
Production of :
Dessiccant deliquescent agents in briquette forms (sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, calcium chloride)
– Potassium hydroxide in powder form
Impregnation of actives charbcoal under Europhtal brand name
– Packing of cobalt phtalocianide under Europhtal brand name

The certification for Quadrimex Chemical Oil&Gas Technology (drying technology) is :
– The certification for sizing, license sales and technical assistance for drying units
– Marketing of desiccant deliquescent agents in briquette forms (sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, calcium chloride)
– Marketing of sweetening catalysts based on cobalt phthalocyanine under Europhtal brand name

The certification for our plant of sulfur products in Germany : Quadrimex Sulfur Chemical
– Manufacturing and distribution of sulfur chemicals
For information, our products are sodium hydrosulfide, ammonium sulphide and sodium sulphide.

For more informations don’t hesitate to contact us.




Drying technology – Newton’s®

Know How

Newton’s® aim is to be the technical reference adviser to help you to choose the best solution in desiccant drying.

In 2003 Quadrimex group recover briquetting activity and created Newton’s®. In 2005 Newton’s® launched research programm to optimize existing unit  and size new dryer using deliquescent briquettes.

With over 50 customers worldwide, Newton’s® specializes in the optimization of existing drying units and the design of new units in the refinery sector of the gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. Faced with ever-increasing demands for quality, Newton’s® provides their technological expertise throughout their engineering projects – from the design of installations right through to the supply of consumables adapted to each customer’s specific needs – notably by:

  • Auditing existing technology (salt driers, sweetening units, etc.) and proposing customers recommendations for improvements (load plan, distribution, etc)
  • Designing new installations (Process Design Package)
  • supplying support and long-term performance monitoring (follow-up analysis of process data, operating technical assistance, etc)

For more information : Newton’s

Welcome on Quadrimex Blog

This new year 2016 will be digital : new website, blog creation and active presence on social networks. The little blue bird will speak, videos will be shared on Youtube and newspaper articles relayed on professional social network… Welcome in the communication 2.0.

  • How these communication  tools will be used ?

The website has been built as a product catalog.

The blog will contains some additional information for all the products : focus on application, way of using…

Social networks will allow to share blog information and newspapers articles …

  • How often the articles will be published ?

On the blog, one article will be published minimum once a month . You can follow us giving us your email address in order to receive the newsletter. When an article will be released, you will receive an email.

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